Who is

Lino Barruncho?

Lino Barruncho is a Portuguese Triathlon Coach.

He started as a Duathlon athlete in 1992 and competed for 15 years until an accident ended his career as an athlete.

He won 13 International Medals, including World Champion, Vice World Champion, the silver medal in the European Championship.

Since 2009, Lino has been working as a coach. He guides Triathlon Federation Elites of Portugal. In this job, he surpassed the number of medals won as an athlete, including: gold and bronze medals in the European Championship, 5th place in the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, silver medal in the World Championship, and many others.

These days Lino coaches amateur Athletes who dream of becoming triathletes.

16 Years high performance Athlete

11 Years Portuguese Federation Coach

3 Olympic Athletes in Rio De Janeiro 2016
(Miguel Arraiolos, João Pereira and João Silva)

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+351 96 520 3550
urbanizacao da quinta verde numero 50 2710-445 nafarros sintra
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