Maximize each athlete highest potential by turning dreams into goals within a relationship of trust and transparency.

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“When people ask me what a relationship between the athlete and the coach has to have, I always say:
A partnership with unquestionable trust.
And that’s what Lino and I have!

Since I started as a triathlete nine years ago, Lino has always been my coach. From an early stage we had a strong connection and became a team. We didn’t need to go around to understand what each other wanted and what the goals were.
We have a very mature, professional relationship, but at the same time very close! I can share with him both my biggest fears and my major goals. He is always able to guide me making sure I have my feet in the ground.Lino is the most honest, direct, and motivated person that I know. 

Everything that I’ve achieved until now, I owe to him!He has been a pivotal person in my life in both my development as an athlete and as a person.”

Melanie Santos

“Lino was my first Triathlon Coach. We started working together 10 years ago in Montemor-o-Velho. His achievements have always been an inspiration to me.

Beyond everything he taught me about Triathlon, he taught me several life lessons.

With him I’ve learned that anything is possible with hard work, day after day. I hope to continue this journey with him and achieve the results we in both our dreams.”

Filipe Azevedo
Long Distance - Pro

“I met Lino Barruncho almost by chance. We have many mutual friends , and after years of long distance competition, I realized that I should start working with someone with more experience in physical and psychological training.

After some conversations, we started working together and since then it’s been a very enriching experience. His training method fits my needs perfectly and the fact that we have a lot in common also helps. From the first moment we met our relationship flowed very easier. I have seen a huge evolution in each of the 3 segments and the proof is in the results.

I hope I can continue with Lino for many years and I hope, like me, you can reach all the goals that you have planned for yourself.”

Frederico Teixeira
Long Distance - Age Group

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Developed by the best coaches in the world, Lino uses this rigorous to bring athletes together through their weekly performances.


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